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Adult Education
Want to improve your reading, writing, and/or math skills? Can you enroll in daytime or evening classes? Whether you need to brush up on your basic skills or earn a GED® to advance your career, OIC has a program to suit your needs.

SPOTLIGHT ON JOSH SNOOK   Joshua Snook, 24, is a student at Cumberland County Prison. He just earned his GED and plans to attend The Stevens School in Lancaster when he finishes his incarceration. He hopes to become an architect.

Raised by his grandparents, Josh grew up in a small town in northern Pennsylvania. As a youth he ran into legal problems that forced him to quit school. In addition, he fathered a child at a young age. More difficulties with the law caused him to face some time in prison.

When he began his current sentence, he decided that it was time to think about a future for his child as well as for himself. Once he had a new vision for the future, he became motivated to earn his GED. He has achieved that part of his vision and is now pursuing further education in the field of architectural technology.

Although Josh receives little support from his family for his long-term goal of further education, he receives encouragement and help from his GED teacher, Dr. Weary, and hopes to get some financial aid that will help him reach his goal of becoming an architect.

Josh has worked hard, and he believes that he can make a better life for himself and his child.