Tri-County OIC

Counseling Services

Academic Counseling
OIC’s counseling staff provide individuals and groups with career and educational counseling. Staff also advocate for students and work with other individuals and organizations to promote the academic, career-based and personal objectives of adult learners, and social development of children and youth. The counseling staff help students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents and personality characteristics in order to develop realistic academic and career goals.

Staff provide:
• Personalized evaluations and assessments
• Career information and education
• Job search skills assistance
• Job counseling and aptitude tests
• Job loss, stress counseling

Career Counseling & Job Development
OIC currently provides comprehensive career development services to students. Through classroom activities, students can identify their career interests and goals so they can translate that natural ability and talent into a career or trade path.

A combination of individual counseling sessions, group discussions, independent and classroom projects, field trips, and lectures are used to help students determine their career choices. Each student learns résumé writing, interviewing techniques, and work place communications.

OIC’s career counseling and job development staff also offer an upward bound program for students who want to continue their education at college or trade school. The upward bound program helps learners with all aspects of the college/trade school entrance and financial aid process.

For more information about the OIC Career Counseling and Job Development service, contact OIC at 238-7318 or