Tri-County OIC

Tri-County OIC is a community-based, non-profit, Federal, State and locally funded organization, which is part of a greater nationwide alliance of OIC’s. Tri-County OIC is affiliated with OICA (Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America), which has 58 affiliates in 30 states across the country and the District of Columbia.

OICA is a network of employment and training programs located across the United States and abroad bound together by a common goal: to serve the economically dependent and the un/under-employed. Reverend Leon Howard Sullivan (1922–2001) founded the first OIC in an abandoned jailhouse in Philadelphia in 1964.

Aware of the frustrations of the poor people in Harrisburg, Reverend Franklin L. Henley had recently heard of a grass roots manpower-training program that had started a year earlier in Philadelphia. This program offered hope, opportunity, and employment potential through academic remediation and vocational training to many who previously had been discouraged because they were considered untrainable and unemployable.

In November of 1965, Reverend Henley called together the black ministers of Dauphin County. During the meeting he explained OIC’s philosophy and received a commitment from the ministers to start an OIC in Harrisburg. So in 1965 OIC of Dauphin County (as it was originally named) was founded. A fundraiser was held and within two months the first classes started. Support for the project grew from the private and public sectors. Others also joined and Harrisburg OIC became the second such organization in the state and third in the nation.

Through the years, OIC has grown and now has over 20 locations in four counties (Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, and York). OIC offers recruitment, outreach, basic literacy skills, training, vocational skills training, job development, counseling, and placement services to over a thousand students each year.

   • OIC remains a grass-roots organization that changes to meet the needs of its students while maintaining the philosophy of its founder.
   • OIC believes in the right of every person to live a life of dignity and self-respect. OIC offers every person the opportunity to begin to claim that right.
   • At OIC, we train people for life.

OIC International

OIC's International mission is to build self-reliance and entrepreneurship through sustainable technical and vocational skills development.

OIC's International vision is to lead the way in creating self-reliant communities comprised of empowered and engaged individuals who improve their quality of life and alleviate poverty.