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Do you want to get ahead at your job but need more education to help you succeed? Through OIC’s programs, we can help you realize your dreams. We can help you improve your language skills, math skills and get your GED® or High School Diploma. The choice is yours, and OIC is ready to help.

SPOTLIGHT ON WHITNEY PAYNE   For Whitney Payne of Harrisburg, graduation day is a sweet victory. At 35, she has accomplished a goal that seemed unattainable since she was 16. Today Whitney is a high school graduate.

At 16, Whitney was a new mother who dropped out of high school in New York City. If she wanted to get her high school diploma, she had to travel with her young son from Brooklyn to Staten Island to participate in a mother’s educational program. She did fine in the program, until the weather turned cold. “I didn’t want to take my infant out into the cold weather and travel all that way to go to the program,” Whitney said.

She dropped out of the program and didn’t pursue her education until 2002 when Whitney came to OIC to start the Adult Diploma Program. This time she had every intention of completing the program, but her son got into trouble and needed her full attention. She left the program planning to return when things settled down.

And she did. In spring 2004, a pregnant Whitney re-entered the program. She persevered through complications with her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter in October 2004. After three years of hard work, Whitney has earned a high school diploma from Harrisburg School District.

“I found it easier starting over the second time because I was motivated to do better,” Whitney said. “When my job and my life got stressful I worked harder. Getting a high school diploma was the only way to get a better job and have a better life.” Today, Whitney is a Patient Care Assistant at Community General Osteopathic Hospital in Harrisburg. She works with patients in the cardiac unit to help them understand the procedures they may be undergoing and to help calm their worries.

“This is the best job I have ever had in my life,” Whitney said.