Tri-County OIC

Rewards Programs
OIC established the Student Incentives & Rewards Program to recognize and promote student achievement. Typical rewards include gift certificates, school supplies, transportation coupons, movie rentals, and a variety of other incentives designed to congratulate a student for doing a good job. The types of rewards and their availability change frequently. Check the current online catalog to see what items are available.

Program Guidelines
Each reward recipient must be a student enrolled at an OIC-sponsored class site. (An enrolled student has a minimum of 12 hours of attendance.)
• Rewards are earned by reaching progress benchmarks.
• Students may receive more than one reward.
• Some benchmarks may require teacher verification.

How do I know when I qualify for a reward?
Both teacher and student can suggest what benchmarks, progress, and other achievements deserve an OIC reward. Teachers should feel free to customize the issuance of rewards to meet a student’s needs. Here are a few examples of how rewards have been used.

• An unemployed student gets a job.
• An employed student gets a better job.
• Student completes a résumé.
• Student goes on a job interview.
• Student completes a computer literacy class.
• Student celebrates a three-month, six-month, or one-year job anniversary.
• Student completes a work-related LOC learning activity packet.
• Student completes a career interest inventory.
• Student completes a work-related curriculum.

• Student meets academic personal goal.
• Student achieves retention benchmark (50 hours of attendance).
• Student completes a valid pre- and post-test.
• Student passes the GED examination.
• Student completes the nurse aid training course.
• Student enrolls in the GED online distant education program.
• Student completes a course-related LOC learning activity packet.
• Student shows measured progress in class.
• Student enrolls in a supplemental class such as nutrition education or computer-assisted learning.

• Student registered to vote.
• Student attended a community meeting.
• Student wrote a letter to a government official.
• Student volunteered for a minimum of five hours.
• Student obtained a library card.

• Student borrowed from the OIC Lending Library.
• Student attended a family community function.
• Student visited a library or museum.

Incentive & Reward Program Responsibilities
• Display flyers and information about the reward program in the classroom.
• Discuss the reward program with new students.
• Promote the incentive program in the classroom.
• Complete requests for incentives in a timely manner.
• Teacher documents distribution of incentives and rewards.

• Satisfy the eligibility requirements for rewards.
• Share achievements with teacher.
• Encourage classmates to participate in the reward program.
• Request rewards for achievements.
• Use the reward program to achieve benchmark progress.

Requesting Incentives & Rewards
Teachers are encouraged to keep a supply of rewards on hand to give out to eligible students as soon as they are earned. Teachers may request rewards at any time.