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Want to improve your reading, writing, and/or math skills? Can you enroll in daytime or evening classes? Whether you need to brush up on your basic skills or earn a HiSET® or GED® diploma to advance your career, OIC has a program to suit your needs.

Adult Basic Education

Basic Skills Improvement

Do you want to improve your skills in reading, writing, or math? Can you enroll in daytime, afternoon, or evening classes to achieve your education or work-related goals? Do you need to prepare for the HiSET® or GED® exam? If you answered YES to any of these questions, Tri-County OIC’s Adult Basic Education and HiSET® and GED® Preparation Programs can help you reach your goals.

How Does Oic’s Adult Education Program Meet My Individual Needs?

When you enroll in OIC’s adult education program, we’ll assess your skill levels and place you on the appropriate learning track. OIC teachers work with you to develop an Individualized Education Plan that is tailored to your needs. This plan will guide your instructional activities while you are at OIC.

How Does Adult Basic Education Differ From HiSET and Ged Test Preparation?

Adult Basic Education (ABE) is for students who want to improve basic reading, writing, mathematics, or life skills. HiSET and GED test preparation is designed to help students who have dropped out of high school complete the tests leading to an equivalency diploma.


The OIC Core Curriculum features:

  • reading and writing skills
  • grammar and punctuation
  • vocabulary development
  • communication skills
  • math and science
  • literature and social studies
  • career exploration


Students are exposed to a broad spectrum of teaching styles, including:

  • classroom instruction
  • individualized study
  • small group learning
  • distance learning
  • blended computer workshops
  • team teaching
  • independent study

English as a Second Language (ESL)


OIC offers ESL classes to students whose native language is not English. ESL classes are designed to help students better understand the basic structure of the English language. Teachers will help students speak, listen, and write in English. Our ESL classes are contextualized. They are designed to meet the needs of our learners in their everyday lives. What students learn in class can be applied immediately. Classes are held at several locations in Dauphin County. Small group, one-on-one, and distance learning instruction are available.

Digital Literacy

Learn Basic Computer Usage and Basic Microsoft Office Applications

Basic Computer Skills - If you have little to no experience using a computer, this class will teach you the following concepts: log on/off, mouse skills, keyboard keys, file movement, and how to do updates on your computer.

Internet Skills - This class will cover how to navigate websites, do effective internet searches, maintain your privacy while using the internet, and how to detect viruses and scams.

Windows 10 - This class will cover the following concepts: managing windows, operating systems, Microsoft programs, file storage and drives, start menu.

Using Email - This class will cover the following concepts: making an email account, email etiquette, reply options, attachments, managing your inbox, spam and phishing.

MS Word Office 2016 - This class will cover the following concepts: formatting text, setting up a document, inserting tables, and editing a document.

MS Excel Office 2016 - This class will cover the following concepts: entering data, formatting text, organizing a workbook, analyzing data, formulas, and inserting charts.

Google Docs - This class will cover the following concepts: sharing a document, collaborating, formatting text, inserting tables and images, setting up a document, and finalizing a document.

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