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/ Staff & Board of Directors


Randi Bateman

ESL Workplace Instructor

Barbara "Dol" Bowser

MIS/Program Aide (Retired)

Sharon Bowser

MIS/Program Aide

Timothy Braun

SOAR Transportation Support

Deborah Brower

Administrative Aide

Emanuel Coleman

Transportation and Building Maintenance Support

Amy Damdin

Academic Instructor

Timothy Downing

SOAR Case Manager

Eric Epstein

Academic Instructor 

Priscilla Ferguson

Special Projects Support

Nathan Gadsden

SOAR Case Manager

Carmen Gaston

Academic Instructor

William "Bill" Gustafson

Tutor Coordinator

Robert Harden

Special Projects Assistant

Carol Hess

Intake Support, Distance Learning Support, Work Readiness

Christina Johnson

SOAR Project Manager

Craig Kegerise

HiSET/GED Test Examiner

Matthew Lyter

Academic Instructor

Mark Mariano

Financial Literacy Instructor

Michael McNinch

Fiscal Support

Chris Mitchell

SOAR Case Manager

Rachel Rebert

IET Project Supervisor, ESL Instructor

Annette Reiff

MIS Data Manager

Sue Ricker

Academic Instructor

Vincent Searfoss

ESL Instrictor

Christine Seay

Academic Instructor, In House Professional Development Specialist

Arleen Shulman

ESL Instructor

Erica Steltzer

Program Aide 

Alexis Vang

IELCE ESL Instructor

Jeffrey Woodyard

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Jeffrey Woodyard

Executive Director

Dwayne D. Jackson


Douglas Weiser


Scott Gould


Janice Snyder

Dr. Jill Bartoli

Volunteer Tutors/Aides/ Facilitators


Randi Bateman

Mike Britain

Barry Carter

Ann Chadwell

Emily "Becky" Cotich

Robert Kerr

Jalal Khan

Eric Kurtz

Laura Messner

Lucas Ratzlaff

Becky Richmond

Dyan Schauer

Scott Simpson

Joann Smith

Jim Steele

Susan Wilson


Tri-County OIC is a community-based, non-profit, Federal, State, local, foundation and supporter funded organization, which is part of a greater nationwide alliance of OIC’s. 


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